When was Jesus REALLY born?

There are many speculations regarding origin of Jesus the Son of God. Was he created or born some time in the beginning of eternity?

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I would like to greet you today and I have a Bible study which I would like to come back together with you regardingour Lord Jesus Christ there are severalquestions which are usually raised up bydifferent peoplewho would like to study who was ourJesus because you know in the Biblesometimes you can meet different versesin which looks like in the contradict ordistort the picture or thatunderstanding which usually Christianshave regarding Jesus Christ and ofimportant things which different peopleare asking is regarding pre-existence ofJesus Christ because there are manyverses many places where Jesus is calledsomething like firstborn or he was bornor whatever and I would like to gothrough several of those texts in theBible which would help us first of allto understand how we supposed to studyBible to understand it and secondly itwill help you to see the real origin ofJesus where it was when it was and whythere are several texts which aretalking about birth of Jesus okay solet’s start from one thing and I thinkyou remember that verse when John theBaptist when he was preaching aboutJesus he was telling when when Jesusappeared John was telling to everyonehere is the Lamb of God which is takingsins of the world upon himselfso Jesus is the Lamb of God and he wasthe one who was to whom all those animalofferings were pointed to that Messiahsupposed to come and die taking uponhimself sins of the world in Isaiah wecan read that God placed God put uponhim all the sins of the whole world sothat’s him and I would like you to thinkabout how Bible says about Jesus beingthe Lamb of the world Lamb of God who istaking all sins of the world uponhimself and they had he supposed to comeand die at the Calvary for all of us weknow all these so let’s read firstRevelation chapter 13 verse 8 Revelationchapter 13 verse 8 this is text whichtells us about something different butyou know in the Bible sometimes youcould see it said like by the way butit’s also important there is nounimportant text in the Bible so let’sreally really the revelation 13:8 allwho dwell but well on the earth willworship him whose name have not beenwritten in the book of life of the lambslain from the foundation of the worldbut we are not thinking about those whoare those people who worship whom and soon just now we are interested in thisphrase the lamb slain from thefoundation of the world he was slainfrom the foundation of the worldalthough in reality he was slain at theCalvary yes and calgary’s thought thefoundation of the world let’s readanother text that first Peter 1 andverses 19 and 20first Peter 1 verses 19 and 20 and hereit is same it says but with the preciousblood of Christ as of a lamb withoutblemish and without spot he indeed wasforeordained before the foundation ofthe world but was manifest in these lasttimes for youso in this text Peter says that he wasforeordained it was specially preparedeven before the foundation of the worldand that’s how we understand the textfrom revelation which says that he wasslain from there in the beginning of theworld from the foundation of the worldso you see there is that he was slainit’s not actually he was slain but hewas prepared he was four day in it hewas selectedhe was decided before the world wascreated got all the four seedpossibility of sale and possibility ofpeople who would just went will will goaway from from God and from life andfromeverything they will follow the scene sohe prepared this lamb but it is say thathe was slain while he was slain there doyou see the picture now this isimportant because we will need it alittle bit later but now let’s look atother texts which would say about thehis pre existence of G’s resistance andlet’s read revelation again we willstart from Revelation chapter 3 and herelet’s read verse 14 revelation 3:14 untothe Angel of the Church of theLaodiceans write these same things saysthey Amen the faithful and true witnessthe beginning of the creation of Godthat’s about Jesus and he is called herethe beginning of the creation of God andbecause of that some people would liketo say that you know Jesus in reality hewas the first created beingbecause beginning of creation meansfirst from what creation began but youknow there are two other two thingswhich we could think of when we aretalking about beginning of somethingbeginning of something beginning of likebeginning of this book starts from herebut no beginning of this book could beauthor of this bookyou see beginning of this book is notnecessary first page beginning of thebook starts from the altar he was thebeginning of this book you see what thedifference isJesus is not necessary beginning ofcreation being first created Jesus wasthewho started the creation it does Biblesays this let’s read that and let’s seefirst of all we would read John theGospel of John chapter 1 and here infirst chapter of John we would read fromthe very beginning in the beginning wasthe world the word and the Word was withGod and the Word was Godhe was in the beginning with God allthings were made through him and withouthim nothing was made that was made andif you will read on you will see thatthis word was Jesus because word becameflesh and so on so but what isinteresting for us that Jesus which isWord which was with God and was Goditself or himself through these allthings were made through him and withouthim nothing was made that was madeeverything which was made everythingwhich had the beginning was made by himand that already means that he was notmade that he had no beginning you seelet’s check that in another place andthat another place is Colossians chapter1 and verse 16let’s read it then Colossians chapter 1verse 16 for by him all things werecreated that are in heaven and that areon earth visible and invisible whetherThrones or dominions or principalitiesor powers all thingscreated through him and for himyou see so that’s why we are saying thatbeginning of the creation it’s not thefirst creative that’s the cause theauthor of creation you understand thatnow after we are we do see all thesethings now let’s think about anotheranother text and we did at the sameColossians chapter one just two textslater not we were just read verse 16let’s read verse 18 well let’s readverse 17 also we continued from thereand he is before all things and in himall things consistand he is the head of the body thechurch who is the beginning thefirstborn from the dead that in allthings he may have the preeminence nowwhat we read here he is firstborn fromthe dead now let’s think about this washe really firstwho was raised from the dead in somecase yes we’ll talk about this a littlebit later but really not because hehimself raised some people from the deadyou remember Lazarus Daughter of Jairuswell before even before him there wasElijah in Old Testament who raisedsomeone from death Elijah who raisedsomeone from them so he was not reallyfirst number onewas not first in counting but he’ssupposed to be you see that that in allthings he may have the preeminence hesupposed to be preeminent beforeeverything so though he was not thefirst out of people who were raised fromdeath but he is raising from death wasof special matter because he was raisedfrom special death you know let’s talkabout this he died for uswith that death which was like wage forour sin we all when we die we die notfor our sin in order to be cleansed fromthe same we cannot and our regular deathwill not cleanse us from see our regulardeath was called simply you rememberwhen Jesus was telling about Lazarus heslept and disciples say we’re all of hisleft he will become well but then hesaid no he died this death is simplesleep sleeping but then there will beeternal death wage foreseen and whenJesus took our sins upon himself he diedwith that another second death but justnow we are not talking about this butit’s neat to understand for us that it’snot necessary when it says firstbornthen it’s really first and really bornpossiblebut then we are coming to these textswhich confuses many many people and thistext is Psalm chapter 2 verse 7 and youknow what is written there in 2nd PsalmPsalm chapter 2 verse 7 it’s here let meopen it it’s here chapter Psalm chapter2 verse 7 I will declare the decree theLord has said to me you are my son todayI have begotten you you are my son andtoday I have begotten you well weunderstand that this say about Jesus notabout faith and many people think thatthis verse says exactly that Jesus wasborn was begotten sometime in thebeginning in the eternity but let us seethat you know these text mentioned inHebrew chapter 5 Hebrews chapter 5 andthere we we can read verses 5 and 6 soalso Christ did not glorify himself tobecome high priest but it was he whosaid to him you are my son today I havebegotten you as he also said in anotherplace you are a priest forever accordingto the order of Melchizedek so these twotexts are taking from selves and thesetwo texts applied toin one place now if these words you area priest forever according to the orderof Melchizedek was said not to David butto Christ and for the future then theseprevious were worse you are my son todayI have begotten you also not for Davidbut for Jesus and also for the futurewhat do you think so it’s not for thepast it’s for the new future here itwould not be oriented together in thisone sentence let’s say of Hebrew fiveverses five and six if this would be onefor future another for past youunderstand now it’s not the only placewhere this verse won’t quoted reallythis verse repeated four times in theBible first time in solves second timeis here but we need to find two more andthese two more songs are two more verseslet’s read Hebrews chapter 1 Hebrewschapter 1 we will read it from the verybeginning it says God who at varioustimes in and various ways spoke in timepast to the father’s by the prophets hasin these last days spoken to us by hisson whom he had appointed heir of allthings through whom also he made theworld’s you see all the worlds were madeby him by his sonthat’s from what we started at thebeginning that he was he createdeverything but now let’s really whobeing the brightness of his glory andthe Express image of his person inholding all things by the word of hispower when he had by himself purged oursins so at that time when he had byhimself purged our sins work when it wasyes when he was crucified when he wasreally slain as the Lamb of God aboutthis point it says when he was alreadypoor when he had by himself all itpurged our sins and sat down at theright hand of the Majesty on high soafter his death at Calvary heresurrected he ascended to heaven andsat down at right hand of the throne ofhis father having become so much betterthan the Angels as he has by inheritanceobtained a more excellent name than theythat something strange but in thismoment when Jesus after being afteralready purged our sins so really afterhe died for our sins and he raised andascended to heaven at that moment heinherited by inheritance obtained a moreexcellent name than they she obtainedsome kind excellent name what kind ofname which is better than name of angelswe read for – which of these angels didhe father ever say you are my son todayI have begotten you and again I will beto him a father and he shall be to me ason well you seethat’s safe in the future I will be afather for him and he will be a son forme so to become a son you are my sontoday I have begotten you today whenafter he purged our sins that’s wherewhen you say how disconnected when hebecame son when he was born when he wasbegotten by God by Father when fatherbecame his father when he becamefather’s son this is related to the timewhen he after he purged our sins and satdown at the right hand you know so hebecame and this son is presented here asmost excellent name so really son of Godit’s not their position it’s name yeahLamb of God it’s also name he was Lambof God slain before the foundation ofthe world but in reality was slain atthe Calvary so I could say Jesus thoughhe might be called sometime son of Godearlier but that just like slain beforethough in reality he became son of Godafter the Calvary and do you want to seethe Bible will prove this do you believethe Bible tells this isactly that this is not my fantasy butthis is not just simply interpretationor making up I told you that there arefour times this verse you are my sontoday I have begotten youand we already read three of them PsalmsHebrews chapter 5 and just now Hebrewschapter 1 let’s find another one andanother one is in acts Acts chapter 13and in Acts chapter 13 where I wouldread verses 32 and 33 let’s see what iswritten there and we declare to you gladtidings that promise which was made tothe father’s promise that’s always forfuture yes that promise which was madefor our fathers so at that time it waspromised for the future that the promisethat was made for our fathers God hasfulfilled these for us they children sopromise was given to father’s andfulfilled to us children of thosefathers for us and that’s Apostle Petersays what kind of promise and how hefulfilled that promise the promise hefulfilled for us they children in bed hehas raised up Jesus Wowthat was promised to raise Jesus inraising Jesus from death of the Calvarythe promise was fulfilled promise whichwas given to our fathers and thispromise just now is fulfilled for uswhat kind of promise let’s read onas it is also written in the secondPsalm you are my son today I havebegotten you Wow the heads the promisethat the promise which was given to ourfathers to David and it was fulfilledfor us tells Peter that it was fulfilledwhen God raised Jesus from death of thecaliber of course and that was thepromise that today when they raised youfrom that I have begotten youyou see why he was first born from deathbecause all the others were justresurrected and this one was born fromdeath and in this moment he became theson and to the Son of God this is namedit’s not relation it’s not physicalrelation it’s not the position it’s notsome kind of statusthat’s name which was given to him andapplied in this particular moment yousee and now we can return back toHebrews and continue reading chapter 1and here we would read verse 6 but whenhe again brings the firstborn into theworld he says let all the angels of Godworship Him it’s interesting when fatherbrings the first-born into heaven intothe world so that’s the moment when thisfirstborn was born and hesays let all the angels of God worshipHim but who created the Angels Jesus youwill regret about this but everythingwhat was what had the beginning what wasmade was made by him and just recreatedangels are not God’s angels were createdand all these angels were created by himby Jesus and it’s supposed to be thatwhen Jesus created angels and angels gotup and so Jesus that’s obviousbut here we read the father entersbrings firstborn into the world andangels already there and father bringsfirstborn just bornthat’s exactly proves that Jesus becamea firstborn only in the moment when hewas raised up from the death at theCalvary when Jesus returned back fromEarth to heaven as a compare over Satanover sin over death father introduceshim to all the universe he introduceshim to the Angels and says and nowangels let’s worship Jesus who is justfirst born worship him because he becametaken care of see you know that’s reallyinteresting we already found that thatit’s written in Hebrew that is say hereso now we need to find one more thingbecause Bible always support insaneseveral times so now I would like to goto Luke chapter chapter one and I wouldlike to read here two verses verse 32and 35 Luke chapter 1 32 and 35 let’ssee what is here he will be great and hewill be called the son of the highestand the Lord God will give him thethrone of his father Davidthat’s about Jesus let’s promise toparents of Jesus to mother of Jesusabout him that he will be called the sonof the Most High you see that’s the nameand that’s he will be he’s not easy yethe will be when he will be born later onnot now let’s read verse 35 and theangel answered and said to her the HolySpirit will come upon you and the powerof the highest will overshadow youtherefore also that Holy One who is tobe born will be called the Son of God hewill be called that will be his name hewill be he is not the Son of God yet hewill become son of God and he will becalled son of Godbecause son of God this is a name ofJesus and he became son of God when hewas resurrected from death after Calvaryjust exactly like he was calledLamb of God long before but he becameLamb of God when he died at the Calvaryhe was slain as a Lamb of God from thefoundation of the world but he becameslain only at the Calvary so you see howBible tells about all these how allthese things are Jesus was not born sometime earlierneither he was created some time earlierneither he has any kind of beginningbecause he was always there by the waylet’s read a couple more verses here inJohn chapter 1 and let’s look at verse18 no one has seen God at any time theonly begotten son who is in the bosom ofthe Father he has declared him in thebottom of the Father that’s all on hisjust outside not inside but on side ofthe father’s bossom he is here he was soclose to the Father but he was alwaysthere because in the beginning in thevery beginning was this word and theWord was God and the Word was with Godso altogether God is eternal now onemore text I would like to read at theend just in the conclusion when Jesuswas preparing to go to the Calvary thesewords say just in a few hours before themoney before the court and before thecrucifixion Jesus was praying with hislast prayer for his disciples Johnchapter 17 and here I would like to readverse 5 he says and now Oh fatherglorify me together with yourself withthe glory which I had with you beforethe world was before the world was Jesushad the same glory as he will receiveafter he will finish the salvation yousee he was God he will be God but herein the birth he made himself equal to usto people in order to fulfill hisministry of our salvation but that’salready different story now the only onething I believe you remember Jesus wasnever born in some eternity Jesus wasborn by Mary there from the Holy Spiritand Jesus was born by father when he wasresurrected from the dead and it was inthat particular moment he was called youare my son today I gave birth to youtoday I brought you home that’s the timewhen he became son of God because that’sthe name which he received inherited themost glorious name let’s glorify Jesusas real God eternal God not born notcreated in Jesus nameamen