Video of the seminars and sermons in Bangladesh

Here presented all video records of the seminars and sermons presented in Bangladesh.

These are presented in English with translation on Bangla language. The seminar contains complete presentation of SDA view on Biblical salvation, and sermons are presented on easy language for school children.

1. The seminar for evangelical pastors presenting the SDA doctrine of Salvation. Translators are Pastor Tapas Tripura and Pastor Daniel Baidya. Grace Children’s Home, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 3-4 January 2017.

Part One: One people of God ans one Scripture as the foundation for the understanding of biblical teaching of Salvation. John 5:39.

Part Two: Is Calvary enough for Salvation? The three steps of the Salvation process. 2Cor 1:10.

Part Three: The Sanctuary and the Festivals as a graphic illustration of Salvation. Heb 9:11. * in the middle of recording there is a gap due to the camera shutdown.

Part Four: The Law of God – blessings and cursings for modern people. Rom 3:31.

Part Five: End time prophecies of the Bible. Matt 24:15.

Part Six: The Great controversy – a chronology of Salvation. Rev 12:9.

Part Seven: The Spirit of Prophecy – the Scripture and the Revelation. 2Peter 1:19.

Part Eight: The Sabbath – a call out of Babilon into the Rest of God. Heb 4:9.


2. Sermons for the 1-12 grade students of an SDA school and their teachers. Translator Pastor Milton Das. Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary, Jalirpar, Gopalgonj, Bangladesh, 6-7 January 2017.

Friday vespers sermon: Lessons from the story of little captive and Naaman. 2Kings 5.

Sabbath morning devotional sermon: What does biblical festivals tell us.

Unfortunatelly the Sabbath worship sermon was not recorded due to the lack of space in the camera memmory. I will try to restore it later. On my oppinion it was the best one! It was sermon about eight-years old king Josiah based on 2Kings 22. The link to the restored sermon will be placed here later.


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