Sermons in Bangladesh, July 2017

Here are video records of different sermons presented in Bangladesh at various places, including translation to Bangla and Tripura languages.

First Sabbath sermon on the Three angels message presented at the oldest SDA church in Bangladesh, the Gopalgonj church on July 15, 2017. Language: English with translation to Bangla. 

Travel to Khagrachari Hill Tract area was undertaken to meet with Tripura people in a Baptist church with the SDA message. There were two sermons in the Paragina village, that is the Chotobari Para, Bhaibonchora, Khagrachari, on July 24, 2017. First sermon was designed to introduce the local baptist church members to the general idea of salvation, presented earlier in January to their pastors in Savar. Unfortunatelly the camera went off in the middle of the sermon. The second sermon was straight call to join the SDA church – at least one third of the members and the baptist pastor itself were the former SDA church members that presented in the village several years ago. There was no electricity at the moment, so the quality of the video is wanting. Language: English with translation to Tripura. 

On our way back to Dhaka we stopped at another Tripura village, the Chalachora, Khagrachari. We had just a short time to meet there with the SDA church members that gathered specially for the reason. Language: English with translation to Tripura. 

Next day I was invited to attend the mid-week prayer meeting at the Dhaka central SDA church where I presented the message from the Epistle of Jude. Language: English with translation to Bangla. 

At the last day of my presence in Bangladesh during the second trip I was asked to present a message for the Bangladesh Union Mission officers and staff at the morning worship service. The message was, Why it is important to preach the Three angels message. Language: English only.

These conclude all the sermons and seminars in Bangladesh second trip.

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