Development of the Scriptures

The Scriptures was written by 40+ writers during 1500+ years. It was not created at once. Is the process finished?

This is only a thesis form…

1. Books of Moses

Moses received the Law to be placed into the Ark in the sanctuary as well as other laws to be written into the Book of Law.

The Ten Commandments = Tables of Testimony = Exo 25:16; 31:18; 32:15 etc
The Ark of Covenant = Ark of Testimony = Exo 25:22; 26:33 etc
The Sanctuary = Tabernacle of Testimony = Exo 38:21; Num 1:50 etc
The Veil within Sanctuary = Veil of Testimony = Lev 24:3 etc

There are a few books mentioned by Moses

  • book of generations
  • book of memorial
  • book of covenant
  • book of wars

But book of Law (Torah) appears in Deu 17:18 (not exactly); 28:58 (this book); 29:21; 30:10; 31:26; Josh 1:8; 8:31,34 etc

We can see that the writtings of Moses became the Book of the Law only by the end of the Moses’ time and after that. But before that it was only Testimony. Even the Law was presented as Testimony.

2. OT Prophets

After the time of Moses new books were written and new revelations and testimonies from the Lord were offered. Still the Book of the Law or the Book of Moses stood apart.

Testimony given through David – Ps 132:11
Lord testifies through prophets and seers – 2Kin 17:13; Neh 9:30
Believe God’s prophets to prosper – 2Chr 20:20
God’s words and statutes and commandments are given through prophets – Zech 1:6

Book of the Law – 2Kin 14:6; 22:8; Neh 8:1,8

During the OT time there were Scripture that is the Book of Law, and the Testimony of prophets – Ps 19:7; Isa 8:20

But when the OT time passed the Testimonies of prophets became a part of the Scriptures – Luk 24:27,44

3. NT Apostles

The Scripture in NT time means Law, Psalms, and Prophets – Mat 26:56; Luk 24:27,44; Act 8:30,32; Rom 1:2

At the same time there we prophecies and epistles of Apostles – 2Pet 1:19-21; 3:16

Testimonies of Apostles – Act 8:25; 14:3; 1Cor 2:1; Rev 1:2

4. Today

So we can see how gradually Testimonies are turning into the Scriptures. Today we have Scriptures consists of OT and NT. But we also have Testimonies…

Testimonies of today stands side by side with the Scripture – Isa 8:20

Testimonies of today is the most sure word of prophecy without which we cannot properly interpret Scripture – 2Pet 1:19-21

Testimonies of today based on the Prophecy of the Scripture – Rev 10:11

The last statement is to be discussed in details later. But You could go through the complete seminar here (It is bilingual). The whole idea outlined in this thesis was presented in the Part One of the above seminar, and the last statement of this thesis is presented in whole in the Part Seven of the above seminar.

Vasily Yunack

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