Akhi, 8

Name of Child: Akhi

Aim in Life: Nurse

Grade: 8 (2020)

Family Income Source: Day Laborer      Monthly Income (BDT):  1,500

Child Profile: Her name is Akhi. She reads in class Seven. I come to know from her elder sister, elder brother, friends and class teachers she is very cute, obedient and faithful girl. She respects others and honors other. She is a healthy girl because she takes care of her health and every day she takes bath and also she take enough food and water. She likes to eat rice, and fishes and in fruits item apple is her favorite fruit. She likes to play with his class mates after his classes and also the same time she likes to play in her leisure time, she likes to play skipping. Her mother language is Bengali; she likes to speak in Bengali. She is very friendly with all students. English is her favorite subject. In future she wants to be an educated girl. She wants to be a Nurse in future and she wants to serve the people of his country as well her villagers. She likes Hill Mayna so much because its looks very nice and that bird can speak like man. She likes Lion so much because it’s king of animals and jungles. She likes her hostel very much because her school environment is very nice. She loves her school very much.

Family Background: They are four members in their family. They are father, mother, one younger brother and Akhi. Her father name is Robin. Her father goes to work for earning money to support their family.  Her mother name is Kolpona and she is a housewife. She has only one younger brother. Her father works others field because they do not have any land of their own. In the rainy season there is no work in their village and that time her father can’t work and earn money. Her father earn very few amount of money. Her mother cannot give her the necessary things and educational cost. But she want to study here and more. She is needed help and support/ sponsorship for doing her study. She will be grateful to the person, who will be kind heart to her and pray for him and his family.