Bangladesh Grace Children’s Home


Vasily & Natalia

I am Vasily Yunack, an Evangelist from Russia. I already conducted revival meetings and seminars in different countries, in Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, UK, and others.

The Bangladesh Grace Church Trust Ministry runs the Grace Children’s Home – a school for orphan children.

Pastor Tapas Tripura, the director of the ministry, asked me to come with a prayer week teaching seminar for both staff and students of the school, and asked to bring 50 Bibles and support for the school church and orphan children.


Your generose gifts will help to pay for two roundtrip tickets from Krasnodar, Russia to Dakka, Bangladesh; for 50 Bibles; 50 shoe boxes with gifts for orphan children; and for the equipment for their new church.


The best time for the trip to Bangladesh is late January 2017. But the tickets are to be purchassed earlier.

This travel to Bangladesh will benefit both children and staff of the Grace Children’s Home and the donors who will receive blessings and satisfaction from their participation in the project. Besides every one who will provide the proper contact information will get a personalized Thank You letter from children, and those who donate 50 US Dollars and more will get an authentic souvenir from Bangladesh.

Be generose! Share Your blessings with needy children today! Support the Ministry!

Help spread the word!