Rohomi, 9

Name of Child: Rohomi

Aim in Life: Nurse

Grade: IX(2020)

Family Income Source: Day Laborer     Monthly Income (BDT): 2,500

Child Profile: Rohomi is a good student. She is very honest, humble, cute and obedient. This year she reads in class nine and she is good in her study. This is the first time she came to the boarding school. She likes to spend her leisure time in library for reading various types of books. She is happy study in this beautiful school. She wants to be an educated lady in her future living. They have eight members in the family. She love to play skipping rope with her friends. She likes to have vegetables in her food menu. She likes to eat mango during summer season. She is likes the cat most. She is faithful girl, so all the girls love her very much in the hostel. She loves to watch movies in the television. She loves the school very much, she is honest in her work education too. All the teachers love her and help her. She wishes to complete her education and become a dedicated nurse to serve her community people with her sincere services.

Family Background: Rohomi has five brother and they are eight family members. Her parents do hard work for the family. They live in a small hut near a mountain based village in Banderban district. Most of time her mother works at home and does all the family activities. She has some domestic animals and by the animals she earn some little amount that is also very helpful for the family. Parents earn very few money, so it is not good enough for the family. They do not have any cultivated land of their own. So, her parents work in other’s field. Some time he cannot work. In the time of rain, there is no work in her village. That time they suffer very much. They live in a rural village in eastern part of the country. Her family cannot give her educational expenses and other necessary things. But parents want to make her educated and be the good citizen of the country and fulfill her life’s goals though they pass very hard days.