Second trip to Bangladesh

Only five month passed since the first missionary trip to Bangladesh was over and I began to pack my suitcases again. The first trip was supported mainly by the Russian-speakig community, therefore all the reports were made in Russian language only – there are some pictures as well as some stories in Russian.  Nevertheless you can check the video recording of the seminars and sermons presented in Bangladesh which are in English with translation on Bangla language. Just for you to know the outcome from the first trip let me share the main details.

Pastor Tapas Tripura, the head of the Bangladesh Grace Children’s Home, invited me to share the message of Sabbath and adventist doctrine to his pastors and staff. Also he asked me to bring 50 Bibles to his children. At the same time pastor Milton Das, the director of Bangladesh Children’s Sponsorship Service, invited me to visit the Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary and bring the children some food. As the result of the fundraising campaign about USD 7,000 was collected for the missionary trip to Bangladesh. These money paid for the travel, for 50 Bengali Bibles and 5 tonns of rice for the two schools.

Pastor Daniel Baidya, director of Ministerial Association and Missionary department of Bangladesh Union Mission, who was my translator during the first seminar, invited me to conduct a training seminar for more than 100 missionaries, and at the same time Dr Litton Halder, the President of Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary invited to conduct a week of prayer for the students of his school. Out of more than 500 students only less than 100 are christians. The training session for missionaries and the week of prayer will take place at the KMMS campus on July 16-24, 2017. The official service request from the Bangladesh Union Mission is obtained and authorized.

Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary students
Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary students

Of course, I cannot come to the Bangladeshi children emptyhanded! Therefore I am planning to bring them Bibles and Rice again. This will be Your present to the children. They need rice every day, as well as they need spiritual food – the Bibles. Every year 50-70 students of graduation class accept Jesus as their personal Saviour. And the personal Bibles would be the best baptism gift for them.

Grace Church Trust pastors
Grace Church Trust pastors at the seminar

At the same time the 16 pastors of Grace Church Trust Ministry are waiting for the continuation of the study seminar on the Sabbath and adventist doctrines. Pastor Tapas Tripura is preparing special meeting for them.

Summer time in Bangladesh is not the best time for travel and rest. The weather in July is fairly wet with incessant rain. But my traver is not for leisure. I am returning to Bangladesh to serve.

But I cannot do this alone. I need Your help and participation. Your prayers and generous donations will accomplish the great things our Lord has planned for us. All reports will be presented here on this website on English in the same manner as it was done in Russian for the first trip.

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May our Lord be glorified!

Vasily Yunack